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5 Signs You Need a Chief of Staff

A chief of staff sounds like the kind of role available to only the highest-level executives. But the value of a chief of staff can bring to lower levels of an organization should not be underestimated: They can help you scale, be a thought partner, and give you more of your most valuable asset, time.

Here are some signs that you are ready to add a chief of staff to your team.

  1. There just are not enough hours in the day

Have you ever said or thought that? A chief of staff can serve as your proxy – representing your point of view in meetings and discussions when you cannot be there. They can drive your financial and business planning cycles. They can position you to communicate effectively both internally and externally. Your chief of staff will help you scale, so you can focus on the unique things that only you can do.

  1. Things in your organization are messy

Are your processes inefficient or non-existent? A chief of staff can assess your organization’s processes and tools to make changes that drive the outcomes you need. They can get your organization on a consistent rhythm that will give you line of sight into your business. They will make sure there are clear and easy ways to complete common activities. They will document your processes, so no one ever needs to wonder how it is done again.

  1. Your direct reports need focus and direction

Do you have one or two (maybe more!) direct reports that are struggling to perform? A chief of staff understands the outcomes you are looking for and will effectively guide your direct reports to deliver. They can help your direct reports think through a tough problem. They can help align your team to your strategy. They can act as a gatekeeper – ensuring the work they deliver is of the caliber you expect.

  1. You are implementing a new strategic vision

Is it time for a new strategic direction for your organization? You can lean on your chief of staff to drive the process. They can collect and collate viewpoints from across your organization. They can prepare your team members to ensure productive discussions. A chief of staff will position you and your team to develop the strategy your organization needs for success.

  1. You are new to your position

Are you new to your position or company? The first three months are critical for assessing, organizing, and establishing your team to deliver effectively. A chief of staff plays a key role in helping you get your bearings. They can be your eyes and ears to gain an understanding of what is working and what is not. Their unique position, across your whole organization, gives them the perspective to make the right recommendations. They can help you identify quick wins – so you can establish your role as a successful leader.

Chiefs of staff are not just for the highest levels of the executive team. They can be an important part of managing your business – and ultimately delivering success for your company.

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