dblCheck is a plug-in that extends Projector PSA* with dynamic data checks that allow you to create and enforce your own sophisticated business rules.

*Projector PSA is a trademark of Projector Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Make double-sure your Projector PSA data is correct!

Save Time

Accelerate invoicing, time management and other key processes by starting with dblChecked data

Report with Confidence

Stay on top of your data with an unlimited number of custom data checks

Evolve and Adjust

Innovate faster knowing you can adjust the checks anytime

What you get

dblCheck runs inside Projector PSA as a standard dashboard that lets you navigate directly to the page where the data error is detected. Click. Fix. Done.



Custom checks that reflect your
business requirements and rules



Dedicated time with an rGen
consultant to ensure you and
your team are familiar and
comfortable with dblCheck



Technical assistance to keep
checks aligned with your business

How does implementation work?

Setup is a snap. Start with approximately 40 standard checks that most companies need. Our consultant works with you to add, change, and remove checks until it is perfect for your business. Then, open Projector PSA and navigate to the dblCheck dashboard. That’s it.

And if you want to change checks, no problem! Update checks anytime to keep your business data fully up-to-date.

Week 1: Capture

Tailor standard checks
Create custom checks
Map checks to data

Week 2: Verify

Set up test area
Test each check
Fine-tune checks

Week 3: Launch

Verify access
Practice fixing errors
Confirm results

Ongoing: Evolve

Get support as needed
Add and adjust checks
Collect feedback

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