Making our client businesses, leaders and teams better

It starts with radical dependability. We spend time making sure we understand the targets to be achieved. And we write those targets down. Literally. The team scrum starts with a review of the key things our clients want to achieve. It keeps us focused on the right things. And it helps us deliver.

Building strong relationships. Great business is done by people that like and trust one another. So, we work hard to be the consultants that are trustworthy, easy to work with — and do great work. Earning and honoring trust enables us to tackle difficult challenges with our clients by meeting those challenges with clarity, openness, and care.

Measuring by reputation. We build reputation with unwavering commitment to our clients, their businesses, and their personal objectives. We build understanding by listening deeply to the unique elements of our clients’ business. And we tailor proven techniques to make a marked and sustained difference to the businesses and people we serve. 

Ray Rasmussen

Founder and Managing Principal

Ray is an experienced technology executive serving the technology sector for 30+ years. As a strategy leader at Microsoft, Ray worked with business and technical personnel to define and implement world-leading business application strategies. Prior to Microsoft, Ray established and led multiple consulting firms serving large technology companies. He was a member of the global M&A leadership team at Deloitte Consulting where he led multi-billion-dollar mergers and business integrations.

Margaret Snape

Management and Operations Practice Leader
Margaret a recognized business operations, project/program/portfolio management and business management leader. She has a proven record driving strategic initiatives across highly-competitive industries and large organizations. Her expertise is in operationalizing strategic initiatives across large teams, creating an environment for continuous improvement, and delivering sustainable revenue-generating solutions to the business. Margaret has worked in the technology and consulting industries for over 15 years. Prior to founding rGen, she led strategy efforts at a global engineering consulting company.

Talk to someone ready to listen.

Take the first step to the next level you by having a conversation with one of our executive team members. Describe your challenges to someone that has been there. And learn in just a few minutes how applying rGen know-how and experience can make a world of difference to you and your business.